1. So preedy

    So preedy

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  2. I will have an e30 one day

    I will have an e30 one day

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  3. Damn


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  4. thisisathreepatchproblem:

Finished product.  I used acrylic.


    Finished product.
    I used acrylic.

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  5. sajainta:

Omega Nebula.


    Omega Nebula.

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  6. Life The Universe And Everything

    So after watching many videos on the Internet i got thinking about the universe and well it hurt my brain, like the fact that it is everything I get and that it is endless I get all that, but when you actually start to think about the fact that there is NO EDGE to the universe BUT the gosh darn thing is EXPANDING.

    So The thing that is everything is and that goes on forever AND HAS NO EDGE is getting BIGGER.

    Now I am not a scientist nor do I claim to much about this stuff I just like to think about stuff and this is just like mind blowing.

    I think people need to step back and look at the bigger picture.

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  7. Coolest animal out

    Coolest animal out

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  8. dotcore:

Controller Evolution.by Chris Koelsch.
GIF.by Slayt.


    Controller Evolution.
    by Chris Koelsch.

    by Slayt.

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  9. STUDY

    So trying to study for exams but there are so many distractions mainly video games.

    Ahh well not much can be done at least my KDR will be good 

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  10. Nobody would die any more from the ring video as no body has vhs any more. Technology saves the world again
    – Ray William Johnson

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